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Victoria Beckham's open letter to Anna Wintour.

"You know what I wore to the Royal wedding when I was 8 months pregnant? I wore my own design. A boat-neck Navy dress with custom made Louboutin heels. Remember what she wore to the Met Gala? She wore a couch."

This is the greatest thing you will read today.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

1. Pharrell’s really committed to this hat isn’t he. Well good for him. 

2. Is Nile Rodgers officially the coolest person on the planet? (After Prince I mean. Obvs)

3. Balloons yay!!!

OMG….It’s Spinning Around…BUT WITH CLOTHES ON!!!! YAY!!!!!

Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers, robots, and a giant brown hat serve up a killer mash up of Get Lucky, Le Freak, Another Star and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Featuring improv dancing cameos by Yoko Ono and Steven Tyler.

That’s it folks, Steve Kardynal just won Christmas. This. Is. Everything. All I Want For Christmas….Chatroulette version….

Watch a monster Christmas mashup from a fabulously festive looking Bastille. 

Here is Lady Gaga in a flying dress (?). You’re welcome