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Kanye West's GQ Cover Story: A Brand-New Ye

….the point of life is getting shit done and being happy.”

Kanye’s GQ interview is pretty bloody wonderful. He talks about Rick Rubin, Jay Z, the sad Kanye meme, possible release dates of his forthcoming album, and how the fashion world treats him post Yeezus. He compares the second verse of New Slaves to Anchorman, wishes the Bound 2 clip had more nudity, and discusses the culture of celebrity. But mostly he talks about how much he fucking loves and adores his wife and daughter. This is absolutely worth a read. Trust me.

The World of Tranna Wintour: I Am No Man: Tranna Wintour Live in Montreal

Not long after I joined Twitter 2 years ago, Madonna did a q&a. At the time this was a big fucking deal because she hadn’t yet plastered her cleavage all over Instagram. In fact her social media presence was pretty non existent. ANYWAY, I had recently started following someone by the name of Tranna Wintour. The questions she was throwing at Madge that day slayed me. In particular “Was it really blu?" sent me over the edge, and once I applauded this brilliant nod to Truth Or Dare, we became instant Interweb pals.

Based in Montreal, she offers up witty and insightful commentary on fashion, music, pop culture, life, and love. The Twitterverse has been swept off its feet by her effervescent presence and she has an impressive following that includes Rupaul, Sandra Bernhard, Dannii Minogue, Margaret Cho, and France Joli. 

After making her stand up debut a year ago, she has blossomed into an incredible comedienne, who is taking the Montreal comedy scene by storm. 

Her one woman show I Am No Man is available to download for FREE at the above link. But hurry because it is for a limited time only. Download now, listen at your leisure, but just fucking download it ok, you will thank me later.

In the meantime, catch her over on Twitter. She is engaging, down to earth, hilarious, and has a heart of gold. It has been a pleasure to watch her star rise, and an honour to call her a friend.

Victoria Beckham's open letter to Anna Wintour.

"You know what I wore to the Royal wedding when I was 8 months pregnant? I wore my own design. A boat-neck Navy dress with custom made Louboutin heels. Remember what she wore to the Met Gala? She wore a couch."

This is the greatest thing you will read today.

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